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The Academy of Leadership Coaching & NLP commonly abbreviated as “ALCN”. NLP is an abbreviated form of Neuro-Linguistic Program. The Academy of Leadership Coaching & NLP is formed exclusively for the support and training of leaders, coaches, and businesses on a global level.


NLP: NLP or Neuro-linguistic programming is a collection of multi-dimensional processes and it includes the understanding of behavioral aspects, flexibility, and strategic thinking.NLP makes people understand the conscious and subconscious thinking of brain and behavioral tendencies of humans in order to rewire the brain patterns. NLP is widely used to enhance and improve professional and personal development.Our brain has the caliber of a supercomputer, and yet non-programmed. Most of us spend ample of time learning how to program Smartphone and computers than we do for our brains. This is the reason why NLP is getting popular as it is providing a crucial piece of coaching/leadership development training that is still lacking. Coaching together with NLP techniques, create a lasting positive behavioral development.


ALCN runs on the philosophy of teaching students about powerful NLP techniques of coaching and provides continued support of how to maintain a proper coaching scenario in their own business culture. Those who take the training of leadership coaching & NLP do experience significant professional and personal growth. ALCN is the only academy approved by ICF (International Coaching Federation) that provides training for international coaching and leadership development. Various programs are conducted by ALCN, which are taught by experienced and successful coaches. Trained coaches are available in many countries of the world that includes Russia, the United States, Egypt, China etc.Training programs attract those individuals who aspire to become leaders of the coaching field.

Various programs provided by ALCN are:

  1. Leadership development programs
  2. Leadership retreats
  3. Individual leadership coaching

These programs usually are very appealing to managers, Entrepreneurs, political leaders and other individuals who wish to improve and enhance their leading and coaching skills.

The goal of such an academy is to provide seekers with required skills and tools to make the possible transformation.

The programs provided by ALCN are approved by the ICF (International Coach Federation)



ALCN’s Faculties & ICF’s Certified Coaches serves clients over personal, professional and corporate Level on three aspects providing leadership, entrepreneurial and executive coaching. ALCN focus to cut off the gapbetween where they stand and where they wish to be in their leadership skills. Anyone interested in hiring an Executive or Leadership Coach requires highly skilled coaches to work with Senior Level Management Team.



ALCN help leaders by customizing retreat options so as to allow them to find some time out of the office schedule to reinvent, recharge, refocus and create a plan for what is next in their leadership roles. ALCN will create a program that matches the client’s need for leadership enhancement considering scenarios of your organization and what to focus upon.



Everyone needs some extra time to retreat, recharge and refocus. This gives them positive energy and viewpoint on both life and work issues. Custom designed retreats according to the need of client so as to re-energize, listen to inner thoughts and clarity as to what is next. A powerful program with NLP techniques supports in innovating patterns & beliefs so as to achieve creative and effective leadership roles. They include taking time to for relaxation of mind and clarity of thoughts.


Corporate Training Programs for Leadership Skills

People are brilliant but companies usually don’t understand how to maintain that brilliance at the workplace for this Academy of Coaching & NLP (ALCN) work to create an environment where employees find pride in the work they do.Analyzing the working scenario of various leaders and individuals in different organizations, the results were that at some places employees don’t work with their full capabilities, while at other places there is lack of opportunities to effectively utilize talent. If the right tools are provided under the right scenarios, employees show their capabilities at an optimum level. The programs at ALCN provide utilities that engage people to establish high performance with trust culture leading to the success of the business organization. ALCN’s coaching programs are designed as such to teach and implement various coaching skills for all the organizational levels. It works with a team to customize and design the program that very well suits the needs of the organization. A plan is created that best suits the need and budget of an organization. The success of the planned program is very important.Research had shown that a significant increase in employee engagement, increases organizational efficiency and stronger financial performance. All are in beneficial situation when the workplace has growth and strong relationships. ALCN know how to get you there.

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