Are you dealing with ADHD?

In cases of ADHD, it is YOU and not your Kids, who need treatment, I know it is a big generalisation I am making, but I am doing so in full consciousness. If we do a sampling of adults in an urban society and take them through a test, a higher % of adults in comparison to children, will be declared suffering from ADHD. In my counselling experience I have been able to establish this fact, in majority of the cases, barring a few extreme clinical cases.

Parents, change your own behavior and in majority of the cases you won’t need your child to go through a clinical process. Most of these are cases are creations of our own behavior as parents and teachers . The worst is when we don’t look at it and expect them to get corrected with the help of medical intervention.Medical Sciences will keep creating new definitions and terms for its own PROFITEERING and creating newer medical conditions for even bigger profit. Here are some simple observations and tips which may help dealing with such cases.

One of the biggest cause of ADHD is over exposure of information through electronic media.As parents, cut down your own usage of electronic gadgets such as Television, Mobile, iPads etc. and child will follow. The amount of time you spend with gadgets, is a clear indication for the child to imitate that behaviour and after some time that becomes a necessity for the child as those behaviors get associated NEUROLOGICALLY with other important activities such as eating food, sleep, study, or any other social activities such as playing a game , interacting with people etc. 

Stop buying time for yourself by handing over your mobile phone and iPad or using a Video on TV screen or laptop for keeping them distracted. In the formative years your attention to child is priceless. Your investment will last for life.

During the early ages, when the cognitive abilities and emotional connections are not fully developed, children start relating with anything they are exposed with equally, it could be real humans or be objects, even a cartoon character. If not exosed enough with real humans, their ability to feel real human feeling also gets hampered. This can make them less sensitive to real human feelings leading to dysfunctional social behavior patterns. Their Neurology will learn those patterns in initial years and will last for life..Be careful what they are learning.

Due to over exposure of information in the developing ages, child’s neurology get tuned to receiving too much of information/per second ( through electronic gadgets, videos etc.) and gets wired (synaptic network) to process huge amount of information. A simple motor action requires much less processing by brain. For example, playing a real sports or talking to someone or paying attention, music, arts require much less amount of processing hence synaptic network gets formed accordingly. Once Brain is wired for too much info (Hyperactivity), it can’t perform normal activities in normal way. To a large extent this can be reversed by re-training the child with different kind of stimulus.

Attention, personal touch, hugging your child can be best medicine. Play outdoor games with them which will slow down their neural function and connect them with real feelings also. These are the best medicines.

There are many YOGA postures which can help your grown-up kids in getting better with ADHD symptoms.

Behavioural redressal is far more advisable than finding an easy way out and intoxicating their life with chemicals.

Author of this post Paritosh Sharan is a Behavioural Analyst, Counsellor, a Master Practitioner and Trainer of NLP. For more details contact +91 99 66 400 373 .

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