Is ‘Solving Problem’ the purpose of life ?

What we do in our life generally ? What is that which occupy bulk of our mind , intellect and time ? What is that which has become source of our wellbeing or suffering in daily life ? PROBLEM SOLVING.Purpose of life is not to solve all the problems in life. However if the purpose of life is found, problem(s) get resolved itself. By this, I do not imply that “Magic Happens” .. Once the purpose is found “Problem” definitions itself dissolve in thin air, in most of the cases. And the Left-over problems do not overwhelm you any more . WHY? Because, Purpose in life gives you all the reasons to act and all the resources (power within) to meet the challenges and all the passion required to pursue things till the end. Best things is, you know where you have to go, and you don’t mind detours in life however small or big they may be.If we look carefully why we don’t enjoy what we do and yet keep doing it for the sake of our survival ? Its because, our activities or the behaviour is not aligned with our Purpose. The agony and suffering is even deeper for most because bulk of the humanity is yet to discover the purpose itself.We do things because one of the neighbour does it . Then we compare ourselves with another neighbour, and that becomes another sore point accentuating our suffering. This running around and never ending rat race continues till the end of life.When we travel in a train we don’t compare ourselves with others in terms of WHERE they are going. A simple awareness of our destination/purpose makes us travel together with others , we meet and we part without suffering and with some memories of fellow travellers. This analogy can be applied on life that simple awareness of our life purpose alters our experience of life . Not necessarily that we have to change what we do, fact is whatever we do starts fulfilling the purpose of life.

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Like all humans, you want something out of your life. Be it some tangible goals like money, cars, medals etc.

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