Power of Words

Power of words 

Choice of word can make or break someone’s life .. Gift of language is the biggest gift humans are blessed with . How conscious we are while we open our mouth ?

Words when articulated in right way can make a person rise from the deepest slump in life to become a gift for the world , but can also destroy a person’s happiness completely and drive them to end their life. Few words can make a person change their mind and belief system in life completely and motive them to start a whole new life . I guess all of us have experiences and evidences in our own life, how just a few words changed or shaped our life at different times. Mostly we have been on the effect side of it and unknowingly on the cause side too.

How about getting into the CAUSE side of it consciously ?

Unfortunately language remains an unconscious process unless we recognise where it comes from and how it impacts others model of the world . Surprisingly enough it impacts the self first and then the outside world.

Word is world , change your language and change the world you live in .

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