Responsibility is key to empowerment

We are responsible for all our experiences in Life , situations or circumstances in life .We have only two CHOICES in life . Either we take 100 % Responsibility or NONE. There is nothing in between , such as 50 % ME and 50 % Others.With 100% responsibility comes 100% power to create our own life experiences. Otherwise we give all our Power to our REASONS and EXCUSES and they become powerful than us.If we carefully look at it. REASONS and EXCUSES are first created in our language . Our Unconscious mind then, in order to make us feel safer , does everything to manifest events / situations and make THEM a Reality.Avoidance (to feel safe) is an unconcious phenomenon and related to the basic survival instinct given by our Reptilian part of the Brain ) and there is nothing creative about it.

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Like all humans, you want something out of your life. Be it some tangible goals like money, cars, medals etc.

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