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NLP or Neuro LinguisticProgramming is the best technique to use Communication, linguistic and psychotherapy together.  It is the way of transformation of life. The individuals undergoing problems which are psychological in nature can get rid of issues like low confidence, low self-esteem, fears and anxieties. The true potential of the individual can be reached when there is a change in the thoughts and behavioral pattern of the individual through which the mental faculties are cleansed of all the negative emotions and filled with positive vibrations.


It is all about change in outlook and the best way to change the process of thinking and actions is by bringing about positive changes in perspective. The idea is to look at the glass half full rather than imaging it to be half empty. There are always ways of thinking that can be modified and the personality development of the subject in question can be undertaken.


Which are the areas in which NLP can be used?

There are diverse fields like business, coaching and sports where the Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) technique is use to help the individual bring out positive results from the candidate with the help of nlp training.  Through influence and self-motivation, the individual is able to perform better professionally as well.  The books on self-help and personality development will definitely have some details of the Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) because it is the best way to cure the mental issues leading to fears and anxieties and low confidence.  The techniques and methods which are used in this therapy are the best measures for phobia cure, for learning the oratorical skills and being better visionaries.


The idea that Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) functions through is that of observation. There is no medication or hypnosis that is involved in this approach. The only mode of finding solutions to the problems is by analyzing the choice of words of the candidate. There is a set of phrases or words that is chosen by the subject in question and it is through the choice of these words and phrases through which the the subject is question reveals what the inner psychological issues that he / she are undergoing through.  Sometimes certain choice of words is enough to reveal the mental state and it is these words that should be analyzed by the Neuro Linguistic Programming(NLP) practitioner. The practitioner can then anchor these words to analyze and find out the impending issues of fears, phobias and inhibitions which have caused emotional trauma and underlying mental issues in the candidate. It is by elimination of these negative feeling and enforcing positive thoughts in its place which are helpful actions of the Neuro Linguistic Programming therapy.


What are the techniques of Neuro Linguistic Programming(NLP) approach?


Neuro Linguistic Programming is a scientific method of critically handling the psychological issues of the individual. Thus, it should be undertaken by a professional only as there are protocols and techniques which should be followed while conducting the process otherwise it could have adverse effect on the subject as well.


These techniques are taught in the certified curses and practice session undertaken by the mentors and some of the most powerful techniques used in this approach are –


Rapport Building – Since the whole premise of the experiment is based on the idea that the candidate will speak and communicate his issues, it is very important that the subject is comfortable in the surroundings and also comfortable with the practitioner. For this the practitioner should be a good listener and make the subject trust and believe the confidentially and also the assurance of help from the session.  A good rapport with the subject in question will provide a good floor to engage in underlying issues which is the prime reason for the Neuro Linguistic Programming exercise.


Dwell into deeper issues – Sometimes the subject also fails to relies the effect past experiences have on the emotional and mental state of the person.  The individual will be aware of the fear of heights but will have no idea as to where it came from. This fear could be linked to a suppressed bad experience of the past. The work of the Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner in this case it to anchor on those past experiences and remove them completely from the mind of the subject. For this the practitioner should be highly skilled and responsible in his line of work.


Creating a motivation in the candidate to change the behavior and thoughts in question –  The main idea is to rid oneself of the negative fears, phobias and inhibitions and the candidate after realizing where the main problem lies should work towards the solution only then there is benefit of the Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) exercise. Otherwise there is no use of undergoing the process. The Neuro Linguistic Programming focuses on the solution and for this the candidate should be motivated enough to change his actions and thoughts. The practitioner can also try the technique of positive reinforcement in order to bring out such changes in the thought process of the subject.


Kinesthetic Dissociation –  This dissociation stands for the disassociation from the negative emotions which were suppressed in the mind of the subject only when the negative emotions are completely removed and forgotten by the subject then only with a clean slate new colors can be filled in the life of the candidate and emotional traumatic issues can be forgotten.


 Thus, in the end, it is safe to assume that Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a very effective approach and all the subjects who would like to vail this therapy and experience its benefits should undertake the process under the mentorship of the a professional of the filed only. There are many consulting services available for this therapy but a smart candidate will choose the best after careful research and analysis only.  The good ones are registered and have experts working for them.

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