What you seek is seeking you

Seeking is what human brain has been programmed for and it’s a god’s gift . Unconsciousness mind is always at our service . But what to seek for is a conscious command we give to our unconscious mind.
Those who seek happiness they keep searching for it more and more . Those who are seeking satisfaction they keep doing so more and more. Those seeking wealth and abundance again there is no end to it . So what an instrument given to us in terms of human brain and unconscious mind, which need just a command and keep working endlessly ? And we can’t say this is curse by any means which is to seek endlessly something but yes that’s the tendency which has brought humanity to the brink of disaster .
Problem is not the Great Autopilot unconscious mind, the real problem is our level of consciousness which sets the orientation ‘WHAT TO SEEK’.
It’s well within human’s purview to search for real meaning and purpose which can reorient the seeker to seek something worthy of life and make fullest use of this prime directive of unconscious mind .

We need not worry HOW actually, we only need to investigate WHY, and WHAT. HOW emerges as universe conspire to deliver . That’s not as difficult as it has been presumed to be. Give it a chance.

Author Paritosh Sharan is a Life and Executive Coach

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