Why Happiness eludes us

More we strive for happiness in life more it eludes us. In the World, almost everyday more and more ways of entertainment / pleasures are being developed, still its not able to satisfy Human beings . But WHY? Even those, who are following techniques such as Affirmations / Visualisation or the Law of Attraction are not getting it? What s MISSING ?

Its BECAUSE, of the underlying thought ( mostly hidden under MANY LAYERS ) , WHY WE WANT IT( Happiness). If it is to get rid of an unresolved aspect / or a darker side of us .. then Unconscious mind will make it more obvious and intense in due course of time, will create aways and means to grow it to a point we cantt live in self-denial any more. This is how we manifest things or situation in life what we FEAR MOST in life. It becomes the the main DRIVING FORCE of our needs. Till we resolve, what is actually driving us we are actually being driven (unconsciously). It would be shocking to note that many, who adopted even Meditation or Religious practices are also doing everything to Manifest the unwanted things unconsciously and with greater intensity.

Moving towards completion is not only to stay positive and embracing brighter side of life, BUT it has to also to do with accepting and embracing the darker side .

AWARNESS is TOTAL not only one side of it . Real Bliss in life does not come by becoming Happy by different means… BUT its available when and where there is NO NEED of it.. through …TOTAL acceptance of life the way it is and the way it is not .

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