Dr. Rupa Pethe

Dr. Rupa Pethe

Medical Doctor
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Medical Doctor by Profession

Dr. Rupa Pethe is a Medical Doctor by qualification, with a Post–graduate Diploma in Clinical Research, ACRP-USA. She acquired an MBA from U.K.

Yoga Therapist

She is a certified Extended Disc Administrator and is a certified yoga expert with the Certificate course in Yoga Therapy.

Training & Empowerment

She has been actively involved in creating, customizing and implementing training programs, presenting, simple and highly effective tools for empowerment.

Expertise in Training Methodolgy

Her Core Competency is Content Development, Training methodology using Audio and Video. She takes keen interest in research and development of workshops, keeping in mind various organizational and individual components.

Career Highlights:

20 years experience in the field of Medicine enables Dr. Rupa to always approach Training and Development with awareness of the best practices.

Head of Hanul Medizin

CURRENTLY heading the operations for clinical research organization, Hanul Medizin Has numerous programs to her credit for women ” Women Empowerment Programs” has provided a strong foundation in this field . Has conducted Management Development Programs for various levels of Management.

She got her training and skills developed by Amanda Vickers, an NLP Master trainer, and a leading trainer of Speak-first, UK. She has done “High Impact Presentations” skills with Dale Carnegie training. She was among the top 100 performers in the Cambridge English Business Certificates (BEC) Higher Exam awarded by the University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations.

Dr.Rupa is an accomplished and passionate trainer with excellent communication skills and experience in Training, Coaching and Management Development. She has worked in various organizations gifting tools for self-improvement and positive transformation to individuals in India and abroad. She strongly advocates that Communication and Behavioral skills can be acquired and developed to benefit the changing social environment and one of the main goals is to encourage people, to empower themselves.

A firm believer of the genuine potentiality that every individual possesses, her workshops aim at helping individuals to recognize and utilize their utmost potential. She accomplishes this through interactive and facilitative training which are simple yet effective. The sessions are incorporated with the use of anecdotes, and real-world business examples, passionately delivered for an unforgettable learning experience.

The emphasis is on experiential learning outcomes, self-assessment, thought-provoking exercises and creative visualizations. Dr. Rupa’s diverse international experience has helped her develop and apply skills to clearly understand client requirements, and operate with a very positive attitude as a result her programs are highly dynamic, eye-opening and fun educational experiences. She has been appreciated as an excellent facilitator by all the organizations with that she has worked for.

Like all humans, you want something out of your life. Be it some tangible goals like money, cars, medals etc.

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