Pankaj Gupta

Pankaj Gupta

Founder of “Empower & Inspire”
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Founder of “Empower & Inspire”

Pankaj Gupta is an experienced facilitator. He is the Founder of “Empower & Inspire”, a training, coaching and consulting organization, offering transformative programs for Individuals and People Managers working with corporates.

HR Specialist

He developed his insights while working in various areas of HR, such as HR Business Partner, Learning and development, Talent Management, Total Rewards and HR Operations and his personal interests in the area of science of being.


Pankaj is also Principal Consultant with Transhuman Consulting which conducts Open programs across major cities in India.

23 Years of Experience

Before venturing into his own business, Pankaj worked for leading companies such as Ericsson, Iffco-Tokio General Insurance & Escorts for about 21 years. Pankaj left his successful HR (Human Resources) career in Corporates to pursue his passion for making a difference in the lives of people with a mission of empowering people through conversation & discussions.

Master of NLP

Pankaj brings a unique blend of know-how and expertise built over 10-12 years in areas such as Ontology, Human Behaviors, Human Process work and Spirituality.

Master of NLP

Pankaj is very fond of Yoga, Meditation, music and nature walk. He likes to continuously update himself through various modalities and associations.

All these experiences tell that a human being is a complete person who is spiritual (lives and thrives in universal energy) being, uses intellect to manifest tangible and intangible things in life. He uses various interventions learned from these practices in an integrated manner.   

His programs are a combination of discussions, group work, games, and audio-visuals to make learning simple, meaningful and experiential. The learning experience is rooted in the philosophy that each human being is responsible / a source of all his experiences and results in life. This approach is the heart of facilitations and helps in participants take responsibility of their personal and professional life.  Pankaj believes in one creative energy that connects entire humanity and by experiencing and channelizing this universal energy through the power of intellect/experience, human beings can realize their true nature of being whole and complete and can experience abundance in their life.

Pankaj is Mechanical Engineer (Punjab Engineer College, Chandigarh) & MBA-HR (UBS, Panjab University) by Education, has experienced/facilitated various programs and education like Landmark Education, advanced level programs of Art of Living, Personal effectiveness workshops by Franklin Covey, Dale Carnegie, Proctor Gallagher Institute, IMD Lausanne, ISB Hyderabad, IIM Ahmedabad etc. Apart from experience in facilitation, Pankaj has worked very closely in designing Development & Assessment centres.

As a voracious reader and explorer, he loves exploring the latest scientific research and developments in the areas of Quantum Physics, Psychology, Yoga and Spirituality and integrating the vast amount of wisdom and offering them through his programs and interventions.  

Like all humans, you want something out of your life. Be it some tangible goals like money, cars, medals etc.

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