Transition Coaching

Transition Coaching

Are you in the midst of a challenging transition currently at individual level whether in personal or professional life? Is there something, which is bothering you and creating self-doubt about your success or progress in new situation?

We all go through at least one major transition at some point in our lives that causes us to move through different stages of being. Sometimes we don’t get to opt into a change, it happens despite our choosing. It can be overwhelming until we can identify for ourselves where we are in the cycle and how to best meet our own needs.

In organisational set up, managing transition at individual, team and organisation level is key to success and hallmark of leaders. Any transition always challenges the status quo and affects the ability of individuals and leaders and teams in organisation set up to execute quickly and effectively.

There could be many situations such as moving to a new role within the organisation with the responsibilities, moving to a new organisation alltogether, taking up new assignment as leader on a special assignment, such as leading to a focused project or initiative to address a specific business issue, moving to another team or change of team members you are supervising.

In general, transition signals the organisation’s confidence in the ability of an individual to stop, make a major turn, reorganise, refocus and produce results with all due speed. In some situation, the organisation stakes its future on this. Ispite of that various researchs have shown the potential costs and risks to individual and organisation of each transition are significant. In practice, these transitions typically take longer and cost more than anticipated and also affect leader, direct reports, peers and others. In fact when the organisation needs the leader and team to add value quickly, the transition creates a drag on resources and takes longer that it should.

Transition coaching helps an individual to adapt to a transition that’s already occurred. By working through this transition together, experienced coaches in TransHuman consulting will help individual feel back in control of his / her own destiny.

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