NLP and Applied NLP Programs

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a powerful tool that can transform the way we perceive and communicate with the world around us. It is a unique approach that integrates psychology, linguistics, and communication theories to help individuals achieve their goals and overcome obstacles in their personal and professional lives. NLP programs offer a variety of techniques and strategies to enhance communication, build self-confidence, and achieve personal success.

NLP programs are designed to help individuals understand how their thoughts and language affect their behavior and outcomes. The programs are divided into different modules that cover various aspects of NLP.

3 Day Certification Program

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) has emerged as one of the most powerful tool in the field of HR, offering insights into human behaviour, thinking patterns, and communication. Driven by the study of excellence, NLP allows us to understand and model the procedures employed by individuals who excel in specific areas. Despite early skepticism, NLP has become widely accepted and is now recognized as a valuable resource for HR, L&D and Coaching Professionals seeking to enhance their communication skills and overall effectiveness.

In the realm of Human Resource Development, NLP has proven to be particularly effective in several key areas:

  • Performance Feedback with Feedback Sandwich: NLP provides techniques for delivering constructive criticism in a manner that maintains the receiver’s motivation and fosters positive outcomes.
  • Integrating Employees’ Values with Organizational Values: NLP tools enable HR professionals to align individual values with those of the organization, fostering a sense of shared purpose and engagement.
  • Organizational Culture and Spiral Dynamics: NLP helps understand how individuals and organizations evolve and change over time, incorporating new ideas and levels of consciousness through the framework of spiral dynamics.
  • Metaprograms and Employee Motivation: By identifying and understanding the unconscious programs and thought patterns that drive behavior, HR professionals can tailor strategies to enhance employee motivation and engagement.
  • Creating High Performance Workforce with Modelling: NLP allows for the modeling of high-performance individuals and teams, enabling HR professionals to replicate successful strategies and behaviors.
  • Result Orientation & Walt Disney Strategy: The Walt Disney strategy, studied through NLP, offers a structured approach to innovation and creative problem-solving, fostering a result-oriented mindset within the organization.
  • Recruitment and Selection: NLP techniques can assist HR professionals in refining their interview and selection processes. By utilizing language patterns, non-verbal cues, and rapport-building techniques, HR professionals can gain deeper insights into candidates and make more informed hiring decisions.
  • Conflict Resolution and Mediation: NLP equips HR professionals with effective strategies for resolving conflicts and facilitating productive discussions. Through improved communication, active listening, and reframing techniques, conflicts can be addressed and transformed into opportunities for growth and collaboration.
  • Leadership Development: NLP offers valuable tools for developing leadership skills among HR professionals and nurturing leadership qualities within the organization. Techniques such as modeling successful leaders, enhancing communication styles, and anchoring positive states can contribute to effective leadership development initiatives.
  • Employee Engagement and Motivation: NLP techniques can help HR professionals understand and influence employee motivation and engagement. By identifying individual values, utilizing language patterns that resonate with employees, and creating compelling visions and goals, HR professionals can foster a more motivated and engaged workforce.
  • Change Management: NLP provides strategies to navigate the complexities of change management. HR professionals can leverage NLP techniques to facilitate smooth transitions, manage resistance to change, and create a positive and supportive environment during times of organizational change.
  • Coaching and Performance Improvement: NLP techniques can enhance HR professionals’ coaching skills, enabling them to support employees in achieving their full potential. Techniques such as goal setting, reframing limiting beliefs, and utilizing language patterns can contribute to individual growth and improved performance.
  • Employee Well-being and Stress Management: NLP offers tools to promote employee well-being and effectively manage stress within the workplace. HR professionals can apply techniques for relaxation, visualization, and anchoring positive states to support employees in managing stress and maintaining a healthy work-life balance.


By incorporating NLP principles and techniques into HR practices, professionals can enhance their communication, employee engagement, and overall effectiveness. Consider exploring NLP further by joining an NLP practitioner course to unlock the full potential of NLP in the context of HR.

Transhuman Consulting is proud to present our cutting-edge NLP Program tailored specifically for HR, L&D, and Coaching Professionals. Unlike traditional NLP practitioner programs, our program goes beyond the basics and offers path-breaking and scientifically validated models and tools that address complex issues faced by individuals and organizations. This was Specifically Developed by Paritosh Sharan, Leading NLP Trainer and Coach in India.

Our NLP Program for HR, L&D, and Coaching Professionals is designed to equip you with advanced skills and techniques that can be applied directly to your work. We understand that every organization and culture is unique, which is why we emphasize the integration and synthesis of NLP concepts within your specific organizational and cultural context.

Key Program Highlights:

Advanced Models and Tools: Our program introduces innovative and scientifically validated models and tools that go beyond traditional NLP approaches. These models offer deep insights and practical solutions to decode and resolve complex issues encountered in HR, L&D, and coaching domains.

Real-World Application: We focus on practical application rather than theoretical concepts alone. Our program provides hands-on training and experiential learning opportunities, allowing you to immediately apply the NLP techniques and strategies to real-world scenarios.

Organizational Integration: We understand that the effectiveness and lasting impact of NLP lie in its integration within the local organizational context. Our program emphasizes the adaptation and customization of NLP concepts to align with your organization’s unique needs and cultural dynamics.

Experienced Facilitators: Our program is led by experienced facilitators who are experts in both NLP and the HR field. They bring a wealth of knowledge and practical insights, ensuring that the program is relevant, engaging, and applicable to your professional role.

Comprehensive Skill Development: The program covers a wide range of skills, including advanced communication techniques, influential leadership strategies, effective coaching methodologies, conflict resolution tools, and more. This comprehensive skill development enables you to excel in your HR, L&D, and coaching roles.

By participating in our NLP Program for HR, L&D, and Coaching Professionals, you will enhance your professional capabilities, gain a deeper understanding of human behaviour and communication, and acquire practical tools to drive positive change within your organization. Join us on this transformative journey and unlock the full potential of NLP in the context of HR, L&D, and coaching.

One Day Executive Program

Enhance your leadership capabilities and achieve peak performance with our NLP for Top Executives Program. Designed specifically for senior leaders, this immersive one-day program combines cutting-edge NLP techniques and transformative models to empower you with advanced communication skills, influential leadership strategies, and a deep understanding of human behaviour. Harness the power of Linguistic pre-suppositions, Language Patterns,  Metaprograms, Inner alignment™ , Logical Levels of Existence™, values, Spiral Dynamics to elevate your leadership effectiveness, drive organizational success, and create a culture of innovation. Join us on this transformative journey and unlock your full leadership potential with NLP.

This program is a synthesis by Paritosh Sharan through decade-long research and Development

Module 1: Introduction to NLP and Communication Excellence

Module 2: Metaprograms and Personality Traits

Module 3: Inner Alignment™ and Personal Transformation

Module 4: Logical Levels of Existence™ Models for Leadership Excellence

Module 5: Values and Value-Based Leadership

Module 6: Spiral Dynamics and Organizational Dynamics

Key Outcomes:

  • Enhanced communication skills and influential language patterns
  • Greater self-awareness and alignment for personal transformation
  • Effective utilization of metaprograms for improved leadership and teamwork
  • Application of Robert Dilts models for goal achievement and innovation
  • Values-driven leadership and ethical decision-making
  • Understanding and leveraging organizational dynamics for effective leadership

5 Days Program

Become a Certified NLP Practitioner and Unlock Your Potential with our Internationally Recognized NLP Practitioner Certification Program. Discover the power of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and learn proven techniques to enhance communication, influence, personal growth, and professional success. Through a comprehensive curriculum aligned with international standards, this transformative program equips you with the knowledge, skills, and certification to make a positive impact in various domains of life. Join us on this empowering journey, gain expertise in NLP, and unlock the keys to personal and professional excellence.

NLP Practitioner Certification Program

A representative list of modules for the NLP Practitioner Certification program Module Outline (as per International Standards)

Module 1: Introduction to NLP and Foundations

  • Overview of NLP principles, history, and key contributors
  • Understanding the structure of subjective experience
  • Presuppositions and beliefs that drive NLP effectiveness


Module 2: Sensory Acuity and Calibration

  • Developing sensory acuity for precise observation
  • Calibration techniques for building rapport and responsiveness
  • Utilizing sensory-based information for effective communication


Module 3: Representational Systems and Submodalities

  • Understanding and utilizing representational systems (VAKOG)
  • Exploring submodalities and their impact on perception and change
  • Submodality interventions for personal transformation


Module 4: Language Patterns and Precision Communication

  • Milton and Meta models for precise and influential communication
  • Linguistic presuppositions and language patterns
  • Utilizing language for effective questioning, persuasion, and change work


Module 5: Anchoring and State Management

  • Understanding anchoring principles and applications
  • Utilizing anchoring techniques for resourceful states
  • State management strategies for personal and professional growth


Module 6: Strategies and Modelling Excellence

  • Identifying and replicating successful strategies
  • Strategies for decision-making, motivation, and goal achievement
  • Modelling excellence in various fields and applying it to personal growth


Module 7: Timeline Techniques and Change Work

  • Exploring the concept of timelines and their applications
  • Timeline techniques for resolving past issues and creating future outcomes
  • Facilitating change work using timeline interventions


Module 8: Parts Integration and Inner Alignment

  • Understanding the nature of internal conflicts and parts psychology
  • Techniques for integrating conflicting parts and achieving inner alignment
  • Promoting congruence and wholeness for personal transformation


Module 9: Coaching and Communication Skills

  • Developing effective coaching skills with NLP principles
  • Utilizing NLP techniques for impactful communication and rapport building
  • Applying NLP in coaching conversations and sessions


Module 10: Integration, Assessment, and Certification

  • Integrating NLP principles and techniques into daily life and practice
  • Reviewing and practicing key NLP concepts and techniques
  • Assessment and certification based on international standards


Note: The provided module outline aligns with international standards for NLP Practitioner Certification Programs. It covers essential topics and techniques, ensuring comprehensive training and adherence to industry benchmarks. The actual program can be further tailored and expanded based on specific certification requirements, training duration, and accreditation guidelines. Practical exercises, case studies, and assessments can be incorporated to ensure participants meet the international certification criteria.

NLP Trainer and Coach: This program will be conducted by Paritosh Sharan, an International NLP Trainer and an Accomplished Coach with over three decades of overall experience in various capacities across the world.  Please refers to his detailed profile to know more about him.

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