We all know intellectually ..that ..

“We are what we think”

And ..Yet we are not what we WANT to be.

Interestingly, it does not surprise us or shock us enough to THINK why it is so ? Where are we going awry then?

THINKING is set of internal processes, how mind creates or moulds our internal representation, which in tern creates External reality. In NLP we call it “Strategies”.

For most Thinking is “REMEMBERING THE PAST” or drawing from the past. However they can make a minor twick in the Strategies and HAVE a world what they want..


Yes you can , if you become aware the set of internal processes you go through when you do “THINKING”. Merely Awareness can make a whole lot of difference and rest will be done by you yourself. If you know how you created “A” in life you would know.. How to Create “B”..

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