How do you treat your Vendors  ?

Is this question any different from “How do you treat your Business Partners ” ?

If we look closely most of the organisations are in fact Virtual Supply Chain Organisations. Customer is a Vendor to somebody else, definitions “Customer”or “Vendor” is very relative and depends on buying and selling relationship at a given point in the Overall Supply Chain. From this point of view how a Vendor is different from an internal department within the organisation ?

It has been proven that Quality of the Final Product or Services of a company is dependent on the Quality of Relationship organisation has with its employees and extended supplier chain Vendors. The way organisation deals with its Vendors, will decide the quality of vendors it will have .

It has also got a lot to with the Organisational DNA in terms of the Vision / Mission and Value System of the Organisation. Just like an Individual attracts another individual with similar qualities, Organisation too invite Vendors with similar Value System. The way an Organisation deals with its Vendors, high chances are they deal with the Customers and Employees too the same way. 

A long term investment in developing and nurturing quality Vendors is Equally important for an Organisation as developing a Business or Channel Partner. This goes a long way in serving all the stakeholders including the Organisation and its constituents. 

Time to re-validate your Organisational DNA ?

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