Take a blank sheet of paper and put a dot mark on it. How many lines you can draw through it? Possibly millions.

How is life different from a blank sheet and an incident or an event as a dot on it. The meaning that we give is just that one line we draw, while possible meanings which could have been given are in millions. From that one line we draw many more lines and that’s how we give birth to our life story and live our life as if there are no other possible stories. 

Meaning that we give through our mental disposition is just one possibility out of billion other possible combinations, yet our ego makes us believe that we know the truth. Fact is we never know and we will never know, from where the series of events started and where it will end. 

Can we live without giving meaning? I guess the answer is NO. But we can do one thing because we have a choice, we can choose an empowering meaning, instead of a disempowering meaning, and that’s the beginning of an empowering life story.

Yes, we can choose an empowering life by giving each and every moment, event or incident an empowering meaning ..

AND yes one more important point could be to NOT TO BUY OTHERS STORY, and write your own.

Another way of living life is justifying and defending our meanings and keep surviving the moments. But we do so at the cost of LIFE itself.

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