THE GOOD AND THE BAD, Do you know the basis of it?

As a child when you learned the Word ”BAD” for the first time, ”GOOD” too got created. Do you remember how did you get this definition? Most probably the answer is no.

But the moment you got this definition by any means, from that very moment, everything you experienced were either labelled as ”Good” or ”Bad”. Surprisingly, the process continues and more of so unconsciously or subconsciously. Later to further divide we learned Right and Wrong.

Think, how was the life a child without this definition? Blissful? And what was the experience after that? When did the child started experiencing guilt, shame, fear, insult

Pain and Pleasure existed for sure but they are not synonymous with good or bad as some may think so. Not all painful things are bad and not all pleasures are good either.

May be it’s time to revisit few things. Without the context how did we conclude that good and what’s bad? And what’s the impact of the same in you and others? Who and what decided for you what is good or bad for you?

Till you discover it for yourself and learn to operate through the context rather than simple value judgment, you continue to work through one of most considerable COGNITIVE and SUBCONSCIOUS Biases, once taught, maybe only to survive.

What if there exists a magic duster by which one concept is erased from your psyche called ”BAD”? Can you experience anything Bad in this world? Can you experience anything good? And the last question, what would be your experience if both definition don’t exist?

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