Most of us are impacted by the VOID within but not truly in touch where does it come from. We are also having resources, the untapped potential within, but again not sure where it’s locked up. 

Often the feeling of unpleasantness within the body triggers the reptilian brain to act for a resolution, often through fight or flight. Whatever it may get cling to at that moment to remove the unpleasantness, either by seeking pleasure or by avoiding pain, becomes a default cycle of stimulus and response, way beyond the scrutiny of the conscious or the logical mind.  End result is, whenever a similar stimulus is felt, there is an immediate an automatic predictable response. If we expand this argument which actually holds true per the scientific studies, bulk of the behavioural patterns are driven through subconscious mind, and if the life is full of unpleasant memories then chances are high that the individual may get trapped into the various kind of additions, OCBs and actions which provide immediate gratification and that may not be the best life strategy to live. 

Is the VOID a Problem? Absolutely not, they are basically an opportunity to over the life towards wholeness and completion, may be serving the ultimate life purpose. Only problem is that it got associated with a resource not necessarily the best possible resource.

Have not you come across such cases how individuals get addicted to drugs, alcohol, smoking, pornography, gaming, including the new age addictions such as social media, mobile etc., basically the OCBs. Some of the these OCBs may be socially accepted as well. If you notice most of such additions are the result of using immediate gratification methods when they were going through unpleasant emotions and feelings. 

Know that in such situation, Individuals are extremely vulnerable to such practices and actually one can become an addict just by using these methods only once. On the other hand chances of they getting addicted quickly to anything is very minimal when it’s used at a time when they are not in the influence of negative emotions. Saying this with high degree of generalisations, since there are many other biochemical and psychological factors also involved . 

So what is the answer ? 

First get in touch with the VOIDs within, acknowledge it, and then identify the resources within and associate it with the VOID. 

Yes, easier said than done, this require building self-awareness, getting into the source of the VOIDs, decoding the schemas and personality archetypes and they got entrapped in their earlier ages and then releasing them gradually out the mind-body system.  

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