How do you treat your Vendors?

If we look closely most of the organisations are in fact Virtual Supply Chain Organisations. Customer is a Vendor to somebody else, definitions “Customer”or “Vendor” is very relative and depends on buying and selling relationship at a given point in the Overall Supply Chain. From this point of view how a Vendor is different from an internal department within the organisation ?

Create what you want

We all know intellectually ..that .. “We are what we think” And ..Yet we are not what we WANT to be. Interestingly, it does not surprise us or shock us enough to THINK why it is so ? Where are we going awry then? THINKING is set of internal processes, how mind creates or moulds our […]

You are not your story, You are the Author of your story.

How is life different from a blank sheet and an incident or an event as a dot on it. The meaning that we give is just that one line we draw, while possible meanings which could have been given are in millions. From that one line we draw many more lines and that’s how we give birth to our life story and live our life as if there are no other possible stories. 

The Void Theory

Often the feeling of unpleasantness within the body triggers the reptilian brain to act for a resolution, often through fight or flight. Whatever it may get cling to at that moment to remove the unpleasantness, either by seeking pleasure or by avoiding pain, becomes a default cycle of stimulus and response, way beyond the scrutiny of the conscious or the logical mind.

The Good and the Bad

THE GOOD AND THE BAD, Do you know the basis of it?

As a child when you learned the Word ”BAD” for the first time, ”GOOD” too got created. Do you remember how did you get this definition? Most probably the answer is no.

Growth Mindset Vs Sense of Entitlement

The concept of entitlement has become all too familiar in our society. It is often characterized by an unrealistic expectation of privileges, status, or rewards, without any corresponding effort or merit. This mindset can have destructive consequences, not only for individuals, but also for organizations and society as a whole. In contrast, a growth mindset is characterized by a belief in the power of effort and resilience to achieve success, and can have profound positive effects on individuals and institutions.

How Being Non-commital in Communication Affects Our Lives?

Non-committal communication is a prevalent phenomenon with far-reaching consequences in both personal and professional relationships. In this blog, we explore the reasons behind adopting non-committal communication and its various impacts on our lives.